Hospitality Program FAQ


What days are available for tasting appointments?

  • The facility will be open 7 days a week and tasting appointments can be made anytime between 10 am and 4 pm (ending at 5 pm). The Vintners’ Selection tasting is offered every day, with appointments available every hour, on the hour.


Are Innovint and TockTix intended to be the exclusive communication channels with Nicole? Or can we also call her or walk into her office to schedule the use of a space?

  • The software methods are intended to support the innate nature of our mobile lives in this industry. Convenience is the consideration, but she’s available via any channel, including 1x1 conversation.


Hospitality suites are described by number of people (4-person and 6-person). Can we host more than the stated number in the spaces?

  • The occupancy numbers reflect the number of chairs available for a seated tasting. But, you are entitled to book rooms appropriate to your needs and vision of a group's dynamic.


The presentation says TockTix appointments can be booked “at no cost or for a fee to the guest.” Can we set up our preferences as an elevated winery and customize that to our needs? 

  • Yes, you can customize your preferences and choose the setting that bests suits your brand and tone. Not charging but stating the price is certainly an option. So is taking a deposit to avoid no-shows, if you like.


What does “three online impressions” mean specifically with respect to access to the TockTix reservation system?

  • Not necessarily in order of importance: First, TockTix main website…which in contrast to VinoVisit is highly curated. Secondly, the Grand Cru main website…where all available appointments you “publish” to the public will be listed (same as Tock site). And, thirdly, the widget on your own website, you’ll want to incorporate a “Visit Us” or “Book Appointment” link that will allow for the widget pop up window.