Grand Cru Custom Crush


Grand Cru Custom Crush is a Co-Op wine production business founded by Robert and Erin Morris and Todd and Erin Gottula that produces roughly 25,000 cases annually. Grand Cru is a major step ahead of all other crush facilities and includes large variety of small tanks, the best crush equipment, perfectly sized barrel rooms that work well with our target client production, and last but not least the focus on supporting hospitality and customer interaction to help our clients build their DTC business.  With the right mix of member wineries everyone should feel as if they’re truly in their “own” facility and the place will feel very much like home to them.  

We have worked with Greg LeDoux and Associates to design this facility using inspiration from an historical building overlooking the ocean in Cayucos California. The Boradorri Garage, built in 1932, still stands today and represents the essence of craftsmanship and classic American architecture. We have carried this inspiration forward with our design and feel it symbolizes the artisanal craft within our wines.